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Yusuke and Ryo have been married and living happily together for three years. They thought their happy life would last forever until... One day out drinking with his partner, Asano-san is an editor at a publishing company, and also an important partner of Yusuke was shown Ryo's photo. Immediately, “herself” appeared in Asano's mind, she would be an extremely famous underwear model! Unable to refuse such a big partner, Yusuke only knew about convincing Ryo. Because of her husband, she also agreed to come and take a look. If it wasn't suitable, she would immediately refuse. But when she arrived, Asano repeatedly persuaded her to participate in a camera test session, the photos taken would not be published. Because Asano and everyone were so enthusiastic, she also agreed. This was also the first time she wore extremely seductive lingerie. It accentuated her killer figure. She herself did not expect that she was so beautiful. And when taking pictures, wearing exactly the same underwear, posing seductively in front of men and her husband made her extremely embarrassed and unable to concentrate. Her husband saw that and immediately went out to relieve her embarrassment, leaving Asano alone in the room. The more embarrassed Ryo became, the more horny he felt. Asano also discovered that her underwear was soaking wet and knew of her lustful personality. So he actively touched her all over her body and fucked her right in the room. Even though she knew it wasn't right, the happy feeling of being fucked right next to her husband, as well as Asano's skillful skills, made Ryo gradually fall into a deep hole of sensuality. She gradually no longer wanted to be close to her husband and only wanted Asano and even photographer Yuta to fuck her, satisfying her sexual desires...

PFES-039 Memorable overtime session with two lecherous old bosses

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 Quick Link: javtop1.info/109  javtop1.info/code/PFES-039 

 Movie Code: PFES-039 

 Actor: Ryo Ayumi 

 Category: Japanese Sex Movies Jav Rape Sex Movie Adultery Sex Movie Collective Sex Movie XNXX VLXX XVIDEOS SEXTOP1 

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