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Nina Dolci

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Nina Dolci lives her life by a simple motto: Strength is sexy! With one of the hardest, most voluptuous bodies in the business, it's clear that she follows that mantra to a tee! In fact, her form is so flawless, it's hard to know which part of Nina you'll fall in love with first! Her plump and pouty dick-sucking lips? Her tanned and toned shoulders and arms? Her absolutely perfect 34D tits? Her tight, taut torso that glides over sexy six-pack abs and into hips that beg to be gripped? Her firm, full ass? Wherever you choose to begin with Nina Dolci, it won't be long before you finish. Of course, stamina is one thing this luscious MILF could teach you a little something about. <br/><br/> Nina has had a long and diverse career that is as full and robust as her perfect tits and ass. Originally getting her start as a model for a local restaurant in her native Florida, she was quickly snapped up by the film industry, and became a fan favorite on the independent movie scene. But her fantastic sense of humor and insatiable lust to perform urged her into more salacious cinematic explorations, and in 2001, she jumped pussy-first into porn. Nina enjoyed massive success (and cocks) in the industry, and even became a household name thanks to regular appearances on popular radio and TV programs. Ultimately, however, this beach-born babe would take a break from porn to pursue her other greatest passion: physical fitness. <br/><br/> While studying fitness and nutrition at the International Sports Science Association, Nina further chiseled her already sexy form into shape, and in the process became a certified personal trainer. But while nutrition has become paramount to Nina's life, she still couldn't deny her sexual appetite, and in 2016, the sexy Sicilian made a huge return to the world of porn. Oh sure, she still enjoys rollerblading, modern dance, coaching Pilates classes, and hitting the gym five days a week, but this competitive fitness model-cum-covergirl isn't called "Naughty Nina" for nothing! Now sitting back on her throne as the queen of wet dreams, Nina Dolci is set to rule the porn game all over again.

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